From The Desk Of...

Thank you for considering United Mennonite Home as one of your facilities of choice. Throughout this website, we have tried to give an overview of what we are all about. Making up our identity are a number of defining beliefs. As in any not-for-profit organization, they are: volunteerism, partnership and fundraising. Here at the Home we adhere to a fourth principle namely prayer. In this context prayer is all encompassing, representing biblical standards when it comes to dealing with residents or people, generally. In a spiritual sense, it means "do unto others as you would have others do unto you." The modern version of that code of conduct suggests that honesty, integrity and compassion yield good results.

We like to believe that these principles differentiate the Home from other facilities. In particular terms and in line with these essentials, everybody is hands on, overhead is kept to a minimum and resources are redirected to where they count most, namely front line staff. These and other factors plus a 50 year track record give us the edge. They set us apart. As a result, the reports are all positive. People know what we stand for, they like our care with compassion philosophy because we get it right most of the time. For these and many other reasons, the future of the Home is bright with people coming far and wide seeking admission to the Home.

For further inquiries, we would be pleased to discuss your care requirements and how we could best serve your loved one in his or her remaining years.

Walter Sguazzin  B.Sc., M.H.A., CHE.   

Executive Director