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Supportive Housing Program

 Eligibility for Supportive Housing

- You have physical limitations that make your personal care or homemaking difficult or  


- You have no family members available to assist you.

- You have had surgery or are temporarily unwell.

- An emergency or unusual situation arises that requires immediate help.

Services Available Through Supportive Housing at Orchard View

- Assistance with washing/bathing/showering

- Dressing/undressing

- Medication monitoring

- Planning/preparing meals

- Essential cleaning

- Arranging rides to medical appointments

- Assisting with laundry/changing linen

- Banking/paying of bills

- Shopping trips to Vineland/St. Catharines

- Providing reassurance with morning safety checks

- Pastoral Care

- Tuck shop/beauty salon/barber/foot care onsite

How to Access Services

To inquire about the Supportive Housing Program at Orchard View call (905) 562-1458.

Please Note: Nursing services are not available on site.

Philosophy and Goals of Supportive Housing


- To recognize and support the family as a significant contributing member of the care giving  


- To promote and support tenant rights, autonomy, and decision-making. 

- To promote wellness and sense of self worth. 

- To encourage independence and self-direction. 

- To recognize & respect wherever possible, the culture, ethnicity, family traditions, and spiritual 

   beliefs of each tenant.


- To assist tenants who require care in their apartments with various activities of daily living.

- To help tenants in making decisions regarding their personal health.