Common Facilities and Amenities

Kitchen Appliances: Stove and refrigerator are provided.

Utilities: Heat, lights and water are included in monthly rent. Individual heat control is available in each room.

Air Conditioning: Space for units is available but installation will be at the tenant’s expense, plus a seasonal levy to help with utility costs.

Telephones: Service is provided by the UMH at a competitive monthly fee. Billing will be through the UMH.

Furnishings: Tenants in the apartments supply their own furniture, bedding, linens, etc.

Floor Coverings: Conventional tile coverings are provided. Carpeting is at tenants’ choice and expense. Carpet may not be nailed or glued to the floor. Please check with staff for installation instructions. Removal is the tenants’ responsibility.

Balconies: Balconies are not to be used as a storage area. Only outdoor furniture is allowed. No holes are to be placed into the brickwork; no hanging of blinds or plants, as well as no hanging baskets off of the railings. Bird feeders are not allowed without permission from the landlord. 

Drapery Tracks and Drapes: Tenant’s responsibility.

Laundry: Fully furnished laundry rooms are situated on the second and third floors, complete with sink and washers and dryers.

Lifeline and TV Connection: Fees for Lifeline and Cogeco Cable will be added to the monthly rent cheque. Lifeline will be added at the monthly rate of $36.00 and cable TV will be added at the rate of $52.00 per month for the Value Pack. Any extra services with Cogeco (ie: internet) will be at the tenants expense and will need to be arranged directly with Cogeco.

Parking: One space is assigned per apartment unit if needed. There is also special parking for visitors.

Security: The front door is locked at all times.  You will be given a key to your apartment, as well as to the outside entrance. Tenants are not allowed to change the locking system without permission. 

Front Door Enter System: Enterphone systems provide apartment entrance communication and entry control through your telephone. When a visitor places an Enterphone system call to your apartment, your telephone will ring with a distinctive sound – two quick rings – so that you can distinguish between an entrance call and a telephone call. Just pick up your phone and talk to the visitor. To let the visitor in, press “6” on your phone and then hang up. The entrance door will automatically unlock and your visitor may enter the building. To refuse entry, simply hang up. Always be sure you know the person you are letting in!!!

“Good Morning” Security Checks: If tenants wish, they might be involved in our “Good Morning” program. When moving into Orchard View you will receive a door hanger. This is to be placed on the outside of your door daily before 10:00 a.m. with the “Good Morning” facing towards the hallway. Supportive Housing staff will turn these over when they make their rounds. If your hanger is not out, staff will knock on your door to be sure that all is well.

Emergency Paging: Staff on site 24 hours a day. Life Line is part of the mandatory options, at an additional cost.

Harvest Room: The Harvest Room is located on the ground floor across from the auditorium. This room (as well as the auditorium) is also available for family functions, etc. depending upon availability. Speak with the Supportive Housing Manager for reservations.

Library: The tenant's library is located in the lounge.  It is stocked with a variety of books, journals and magazines.  You may borrow books and enjoy reading them in the library or take them to your room.  Many large print books are available. A large TV and VCR are also located here for you to view. Coffee is available here daily.

Games Room: This room is available across from the auditorium. It is equipped with a pool table, as well as equipment to play shuffleboard. This room is available to all!

Tenant Meetings: Tenant meetings are held by the administrator annually to discuss various tenant concerns or to update tenants on any apartment issues. Minutes are kept from these meetings and are posted on the bulletin board.

Complaint Procedure: Tenants are encouraged to take their concerns directly to the Supportive Housing Manager. If she is unable to resolve the issue, the Executive Director will attempt to resolve the issues.

Mail Delivery: Boxes are located in the lobby. Your room number will correspond with your mailbox number. You will be given a key to open your box. Mail delivery and pick up is Monday thru Friday.

Tuck Shop: Stocked with staples, gift items and notions. The Tuck Shop is managed by volunteers for the benefit of tenants. Please check the sign on the door for operational hours.

Business Office:  For your availability, the Business Office is open Mon. to Fri. 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Smoking: Orchard View is designated as smoke/vape-free.

Pets: Pets are not allowed but permitted by visitors if accompanied by owners.

Garbage / Recycling: This room is located on the first floor for your garbage and recycling.

Modifications: Any modifications to the interior and balcony are not allowed without permission from the landlord.

Shopping: Weekly shopping trips to Vineland (IGA, Hopkins IDA, and the Niagara Credit Union), as well as alternating weeks to Fairview Mall and Walmart are available for the tenants.

Hairdressers: The hairdresser comes into the Home weekly. It is located across from the Celebration Room. Please check there for times and price list.

Barber: A barber also comes into the Home every four weeks. The date is posted on the bulletin board and on the monthly calendar.

Foot Care: Foot care is available every six weeks for a minimal cost. The dates are posted on the bulletin board. Sign up sheets are in the Supportive Housing office.

LifeLabs: If you are unable to go out for your lab work LifeLabs will come to your apartment for a fee. They are here every Thursday morning by 7:00 a.m. Please see Supportive Housing Manager for details.

Community Support Services of Niagara Region: If a tenant has no family / friends available to drive to doctors’ appointments, the Supportive Housing Manager will assist you in applying for these services. These services are available for a minimal fee.

Church Services: Church services are held in the auditorium at various times throughout the week. For times and dates please see the bulletin board, or the monthly calendar.

Food Services: Noon meals are offered in the Celebration Room on a daily basis. This is included in the care services of the care suite tenants. Those who live in the apartments are welcome to join with the others. Two hours notice is required. Menus are posted on the bulletin board, as well as the cost. Special diets will be accommodated for with a written note from your physician.

Supper meals are available at a reasonable cost.  Requests need to be made to the Supportive Housing office at least one hour before the scheduled time.